We’re buying a house and our baby is due today!
Mortgage Approved, House offer declined…
Will I get a Mortgage?

Jaguar X-Type Reg: GD04CRK Read this before buying this car

Hello you don’t know me but I need to give you a message before buying this Jaguar X-Type Registration number GD04CRK. Buyer beware, I have just returned from andrews garage in Coventry who are selling this car only to be told they do not want to sell it too me. I mentioned that I may want to drive the car to Spain and the director made a special point of informing me that because of that he did not want Continue reading

Where are house prices heading

In the news today nationwide are saying that house prices have surpassed their 2007 peak, read all about it on BBC news website if you don’t believe me http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-28108717 so it got me thinking where exactly are house prices heading in the future? If you have read any of my previous posts you will be well aware that I’ve brought a new house not too long ago and I constantly wonder where the price of it is heading. I’m not Continue reading

It’s my blog so I’ll write what I like

Well it’s 2014 so happy new year to anyone who may read this. I know a lot of people that are glad to see the back of 2013 but for me personally 2013 was pretty good. The most notable thing was the occurrence of my little boy back in August. He’s now coming up to 19 weeks old and boy how life has changed since he came along. Everyone tells you that kids turn your life upside down but you Continue reading

My boy finally arrived

Well my boy finally arrived on 25th August weighing in at 9lbs 8oz or 4.3kg and both mother and baby are doing fine. It’s been a tiring couple of weeks since he was born hence the fact that I have not posted any updates. Before he was born people tell you that your life will turn upside down and you never really think it will be that bad. Then the reality kicks in and I now realise what everyone was Continue reading

We’re buying a house and our baby is due today!

Buying a house while having a baby

Well it’s official we’re buying a house to be back near my family for while our baby is young. Our baby boy is due today so he has seven or eight hours in which to turn up on time or he will be overdue. From my own point of view it makes no odds as to whether he turns up today or in a weeks time but my misses is starting to feel it a little bit. Now she’s not Continue reading

Mortgage Approved, House offer declined…

Mortgage approved House offer declined

So I finally got a mortgage approved in principle with Natwest and found a house that ticked all the boxes for us so I decided today that I would put in an offer. Agreed the first offer was me being cheeky but hey if you don’t ask you don’t get. The agent came back to me with a no from the offer and I was expecting a counter offer or some kind of idea as to what figure they were Continue reading

Bank of England holds interest rates until unemployment falls below 7%

Unemployment Rate UK

Today Mark Carney announced that the bank of England will not change the interest rate unless unemployment levels drop below 7% or inflation gets way out of control. So I decided to do a bit of digging and look at the historical rate of unemployment to see just when it might fall back below 7%. I found a great section on Google that generates a chart of unemployment rates dating back to 1983 so 30 years of data. If you Continue reading

Will I get a Mortgage?

Mortgage advisor

If you’ve been reading my previous posts you’ll be well aware that I have been trying to get a mortgage for the last few weeks which has been made no easier by the fact that I am already named on an existing mortgage. To cut a long story short I brought a house six years ago with my parents and we re-mortgaged their house to raise the money to buy the new house so I am listed on that mortgage Continue reading

Sitting in the Google sandbox

Google Sandbox

The Google sandbox is basically a theoretical box that a website sits in until Google builds up enough trust to start listing it in there rankings. If you read around you will find that there are two factors that play a part in the Google sandbox effect, the age of the domain name (or rather the amount of time the domain has been listed with Google) and the competitiveness of the keywords in question. Now I fall foul of both Continue reading

Lets talk about Money in my new discussion forum

Talking money

Today I have launched my new money discussion forum. It’s a place where we can all hang out and talk about money. I’ve always liked the idea people being able to comment on the blog posts that I write and this takes it a step further. On the discussion boards you can start your own new topics and seek out the answers that you require from the rest of the community. Please do go and sign up as the more Continue reading