Get the right webhost

Next up on the list of things required to start your very own internet business is choosing a web hosing package that’s right for your needs. Now there are loads of webhosting companies out there today all fighting for your business and just because you Google the term “best web hosting” doesn’t mean you should go with the first company that is listed. When I first started my web company I had hosting with GoDaddy. I was with them for Continue reading

Choose your domain name

If you read my last post you will now know how important it is to start a web site business about something that you are passionate about. There’s no point trying to do something you know nothing about or are not interested in, you will most likely become bore and quit after a few weeks. So you have your topic sorted, next up is the domain name. Picking the right domain name is one of the most important choices that Continue reading

Making Money from Websites

Over the coming weeks I will be posting about making money from websites and sharing with you my secrets so that you can achieve the same success that I have and make money from your own website. It’s not rocket science but similarly it’s not a case of setting up a few pages and watching the money roll in. As with all ways of making money it will require hard work and discipline. If you are not willing to work Continue reading

The money making blog

Welcome one and welcome all to the brand new money making blog for 2012. If you currently work a full time job and are looking to “escape the rat race” or if you are just looking to earn some extra income then you have come to the right place. The money talk blog is dedicated to finding the best and easiest ways to make extra money. So what qualifies me to author this blog. Well I have been on a Continue reading