Money talk is a blog by one man on a mission. My name is Harry and I have a passion for money. I love making it, saving it and I sometimes even enjoy spending it. So the main aim of the money talk blog is to be about making the most beautiful of things in the world, MONEY! It’s really one mans experience that I am sharing with you. Over the years I’ve found several ways of making and saving money and it’s time to share those experiences with you. I will also be sharing my current money making adventures with you along the way so stay tuned into my blog as I explore new ways to make even more money.

Attracting moneyJust so you know I am no millionaire, I’m just a regular guy who is passionate about money and rooting out the easiest ways to make more of it. You never know but there is a possibility that I could make a million while I’m developing this blog, here’s hoping hey. If I do the one thing that you can be sure of is that I will be sharing that experience right here.

Please do excuse me if every blog post is not specifically about making money as sometimes I may just want to rant and get things off my chest and this will be the place that I do that. In general there will always be a money related theme but there may be the odd blog entry that is slightly off topic. Fear not, these will be in the minority so please do stay tuned.

Who am I?

As mentioned above my name is Harry. I am a 32 year old software engineer. I’m no web designer and most of what I do know about websites is all self taught so please do bear with me as I get this site up and running. I do have some previous website experience as I started and developed the spread betting website spreadbettingbeginner.com. I built this website from scratch and developed it to a popular site until Google decided to change their ranking algorithms. Once they did that my traffic dropped off considerably. Anyway that’s in the past, I learnt a lot from that experience and I can use that to my benefit for this new money talk blog.

Enjoy, and Happy Money Making!

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