5 weeks until I become a Dad

Dad-BabyWell today marks 5 weeks until I will become a dad for the first time. It’s really funny as when we first found we we’re having a baby back in December last year I could not wait for him to be born. Now it’s only 5 weeks to go and I’m starting to feel a little bit nervous. Hopefully he will be born all healthy and fine, we’ve been to the midwife regularly and touch wood everything has been fine so far so hopefully things will continue that way.

It’s been a rollercoaster ride already. Who knew there was so much stuff you need to by for a new baby. By a clear mile the most difficult thing for us to find was the push chair/pram/travel system. I say for ‘us’ to find but from my point of view I wasn’t that fussy but you haven’t met my misses. The biggest issue is there is too much choice and for someone who chops and changes their mind all the time too much choice is a bad thing. Trust me, if there we’re only two or three options things would’ve been alit simpler.

We finally settled on the kiddicouture travels system from http://www.kiddicare.com. It does everything we need, it has the push chair, a carry cot and car seat. The car seat feels a bit cheap and plastic for my liking so we brought and additional maxi-cosi car seat. I do have to smile at the kiddicare website. They have the RRP of out travel system set at £699.99 but I have never, ever seen it listed at that price It’s always on some kind of offer. Anyway the push chair and carry cot seem pretty good but you can tell the car seat is not the best quality so I would strongly recommend buying an additional car seat like we have.

The maxi cosi car seat is very good quality which I think it’s important to have in a car seat. I would definitely recommend not scrimping when it comes to a car seat. I do think you get what you pay for so best to spend a little extra to ensure your new arrival is safe and secure. We didn’t bother with the base that you can fix into the car. To me at £130 it seems like an expensive luxury for people that can’t be bothered to strap their baby into the seat belt every time they get in and out the car. Personally I would prefer to know that I have secured my baby in every time I get in the car, I mean what if the base comes loose etc and your baby is actually properly secured? I’m sure that not everyone will check to make sure the base is still fixed in properly every time they get in and out the car. Anyway I digress.

So 5 weeks today (Aug 13 2013) is when our little bundle of joy is scheduled to arrive. The missed thinks that he will turn up early but no one can say for sure, he will turn up when he’s ready. Apparently only 3% of babies are born on their due dates and our midwife thinks we should be give a due range rather than a date. She said our range would be anything from the start of August to the end, nice an narrow range then. I’m sure he’ll make an appearance exactly when he is ready. I’ll keep you posted when that is.

Not much mention of money today. If you are having a baby we’ve brought most of our stuff from Kiddicare and babies r us. The thing to do with both of these is register with them as soon as you can and get e-mails with their offers. What I have found is that they both have sales on in Spring and Summer. Usually 20% off but sometimes 10% or 15%. You should also register with bounty.com online. We got a bounty folder from our midwife and there are details in there of how to register etc. They have been pretty good, weekly offers etc and a free goddy pack for mum to be and I think she gets another when he’s born. Basically keep your eyes open for any offers and take all the free stuff you can get.

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