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Cheap Sunglasses OnlineToday I went to have my eyes tested. I went last year in September and ordered some glasses but something went wrong somewhere and I’ve just never worn them as they don’t feel right. So I’m still wearing my old glasses from a few years ago but they have started to fall apart and I’m fed up of gluing the arms back on so I decided to get some new ones.

For completeness of this blog post I need to go back to 2009 which was when I first started to notice that I may need reading glasses for work. I had laser eye surgery back in 2006 and my eyes were great but they did tell me I may need reading glasses when I turn 40ish, I guess my reading glasses requirements started a little earlier.

So it’s September 2009 and I go to Specsavers for a eye test and check-up. My prescription is still pretty small but because my eyes start to feel a bit strained when using my laptop (a key requirement for my job as a software engineer) I decide that I will get some glasses to see if they help. Now Specsavers basic glasses start at around £25 which to me seems a bit much just to see if the glasses will help or not. Since it’s a small reading prescription that I need I go to the various pound shops and 99p stored dotted around town to see if they have something close to my prescription. The closest I found was +1.5 which is way too strong for my requirements so I decide to look online to see if I can get cheap glasses online. This is when I stumbled across Glasses for £4(bear in mind this was back in 2009), that can’t be true!

I figured that cheap glasses for £4 was worth a punt to see if they were any good. I think I had to pay something for postage but I forget how much exactly. A week or so after I ordered the glasses they turn up and they’re brilliant. They make my eyes feel way more comfortable staring at a screen for 8 hours a day so I start wearing them all the time for work, Happy Days.

Fast forward to September last year(2012). I go to the opticians again for a check up, since I work with computer screens my company has to pay for a sight test every two years so I take full advantage of it. I go to SpecSavers again, only this time it’s in a different city as we’ve moved. I come home order glasses from with the new prescription and this time they are all over the place. When I wear them I feel like I’m going cross eyed so something is clearly amiss. Now because I didn’t buy them from the place I got my prescription done I can’t go and moan to either party as they will both tell me it’s the other party that has done something wrong. Personally I think it was Specsavers that got my prescription wrong in the first place and Selectspecs made the glasses as specified but they we’re clearly wrong for me.

Now we come back to the present day. I went to Tescoopticians as they offer a free sight test. Firstly I have to say it was a more thorough sight test than I’ve ever had anywhere else before and second my prescription from them was completely different from the one I had last September. This time it is more inline with the one from September 2009. I was thinking to get the glasses from them as well so then I could go back and moan if something  went wrong however their cheapest glasses were £15 and then they wanted an extra £30 for the anti-reflective coating. So that would be £45 for glasses which seemed a bit much to me. So I decided to give Selectspecs another go as I don’t think it was their fault in the first place. So it’s cost me £11.95, that’s £6 for the glasses with lenses etc and £5.95 for shipping. I think the cost of shipping has jumped a bit but even so less than £12 for a pair of glasses delivered to my door can’t be bad. Plus this includes the anti-reflective coating as standard.

So we will wait and see if this pair of glasses is any better than the last. I think they will be as I just think it was Specsavers that did a rubbish job on my prescription the last time. So there’s a note to anyone thinking of going to Specsavers in Havant, avoid avoid avoid. Your best bet is to go and get a free eye test from Tesco and then just buy some cheap glasses online.

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