Extreme Cheapskates on TLC

extreme-cheapskatesIf you have the TV channel TLC (you’ll need sky TV or some other form of subscription TV to get the channel) you may have heard of a new TV show called extreme cheapskates. My misses loves watching it as she thinks that I’m pretty cheap but these guys take it to a whole new level. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for saving money where I can but there are certain things where I draw the line.

For instance taking a pee in a bottle and pouring on your compost heap. I’m sure it’s a great thing to do but do you really want part of your garden to smell like the mens toilet at your local pub at the end of a busy Saturday night??? I think not. The thing I couldn’t believe is the woman that was doing this was actually a millionaire. I mean come on love, loosen the purse strings a little and just flush your loo a bit more often. Maybe she only became a millionaire by being an extreme cheapskate but you would think once you are there you might loosen up a little and not be such a cheapskate.

Next up is dumpster diving for food that shops and restaurants throw away. Personally there is nothing I hate more than wasted food. There are people that starve to death in this world and we live in a society where it is acceptable to throw food away. That doesn’t however mean that I am willing to go through bins finding things that have expired to see if they still look and taste ok. I would think dumpster diving is really not very hygienic and must pose a health risk which in my view is not worth any amount of money. If there’s one thing that you cannot buy it’s better health when you need it so why would you risk it but trying to save a few pounds?

There are some useful tips to take from this show, or there is at least one that springs to mind. One guy showers with his clothes on so he doesn’t have to pay to do his laundry. Again this is not something I would recommend, I have washed clothes in the shower in the past when I’ve been on holiday and they never get as clean as when they go in a washing machine so I would imagine this guys clothes might smell a little. The other thing he did is catch the water he uses when showering in a bucket. He then uses this water to flush his toilet. Now that’s an idea that I like. Not so much the showering with a bucket by re-using the grey water from a shower or bath for flushing the toilet is a great idea. The only problem is finding a way to automate it, so that you don’t have to keep refilling the cistern yourself using a bucket. I suspect that for most households this would be too costly a task and the benefits would not warrant the extra cost so I guess if you wanted to do it you’d have to use a bucket in the shower, or leave the bath full with old water and scoop it out using a bucket. To my mind it’s not really worth it as I think I calculated the cost of flushing the toilet to be arround 0.06p per flush so for me it doesn’t seem worth the hassle.

Another thing that almost anyone could do is take a few extra sachets of sauces the next time you eat out. Take them home an use them to top up your own ketchup and mayonnaise bottles. Again to my mind this really is the trait to an extreme cheapskate and it’s not really something that I would want to be doing. However my misses really liked the idea and wants to start doing it now. So now who’s the cheapskate out of the two of us? You decide.

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