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Next up on the list of things required to start your very own internet business is choosing a web hosing package that’s right for your needs. Now there are loads of webhosting companies out there today all fighting for your business and just because you Google the term “best web hosting” doesn’t mean you should go with the first company that is listed. When I first started my web company I had hosting with GoDaddy. I was with them for almost a year and while they were ok they were terribly slow but I just thought this was the norm. I then went on a forum site called and started to ask more questions and soon found out that GoDaddy are on of the worst webhosts available with some even referring to them as Slow Daddy.

Anyway After asking various questions I tried out who I have been with ever since. They offer a good basic package and their rates are very reasonable with a good discount for new customers. The basic package has limited disc space (1GB at the time of writing) but for most people this will be more than enough. Almost everything else they offer is unlimited which means if you want to host more than one site on the same package you can.

Once you have your package all sorted you may need some help with changing your nameservers for your domain to point it at your new hosting package. If you’re unsure what you need to do then you can always contact your web host who will usually be more than happy to help. It’s usually a pretty straight forward process and should not take too long. Once you have changes the name servers it can take upto 48 hours for the changes to take effect. I usually find that it only takes a couple of hours so you can keep checking every once in a while to see if the changes have gone through. If they have when you type your domain name into your address bar you should see something other than the lading page your domain registrar will have hosted until you get your web hosting setup. Usually your webhost will have some default landing page that will be displayed so you will now when the changes have taken effect.

Ok so that’s the basics setup, you have a domain name and web hosting all done. Now is where the fun begins, designing and creating your web site. If you have no idea what design you want or what content you are going to add you are probably best to go away and think about that now before we move on to setting up your website.

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