Insurance claim from a Hit and Run

Hit and run car accidentFor this post we need to go back to July last year (2012). Picture this, we drive to the shops. It’s an out of town shopping complex and there is a car park. We park the car and go and do the shopping that we need to do. On returning to the car we see a silver coloured estate car, possibly a citroen or renault, reversing out of the parking space next to ours. The driver of the car can clearly see us approaching the car and continues to reverse and drive off. The car parked opposite ours has the driver and passengers inside and they promptly tell us that the car that just reversed out of the space next to us hit our car and just drove off.

Fuming isn’t the word. The most annoying thing is the fact that the other driver just drive off without saying a word when they could clearly see us approaching the car. Luckily the car opposite jotted down the registration of the car and I phoned my insurance to inform them what had happened. I said to them that I was not going to get my car fixed until we had a response from the other partys insurance company. So several months pass by, I call them up to see what’s going on and basically we end up waiting for nearly a year to get a response from the other insurance company. When I get that response it basically informs me that the other party are not admitting liability and without any repair costs to claim back they cannot pursue the matter any further.

There are several issues that come to mind here. Firstly how can an insurance company get away with taking 11 months to respond to an incident against one of their customers and secondly how can my own insurance company get away with the crap correspondence with myself. The two insurance companies in question are Admiral (my company) and direct line(the 3rd party company).

With hindsight I should’ve just got the damage repaired straight away and then maybe the other insurance company wouldn’t have any choice but to admit liability. I mean I do have an independent witness in this whole situation. Anyway   it looks like I now need to go and get my car fixed, pay my excess and then hope that the situation gets resolved before my insurance is due for renewal at the end of October. If it doesn’t then it’s bye bye to my no claims and hello to a premium that’s through the roof.

And who’s the winner in this whole situation? You guessed it the insurance companies. Both of them will end up winning in one way or another. My company will charge me more for my premium even though the accident had nothing to do with me. Apparently because my car was involved in an accident (when no one was even in the car) that makes it more likely to be in an accident again. Not sure how they’ve figured that out but anyway. The third party company will win because they can screw the other guy for an bigger premium when it turns out that I win the case.

Is it just me are insurance companies always winning in one way or another. If This website ever grows to be big enough then maybe I’ll have some clout that I can do something  about it. So there’s one reason to share this post with others.

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