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Well it’s 2014 so happy new year to anyone who may read this. I know a lot of people that are glad to see the back of 2013 but for me personally 2013 was pretty good. The most notable thing was the occurrence of my little boy back in August. He’s now coming up to 19 weeks old and boy how life has changed since he came along. Everyone tells you that kids turn your life upside down but you can never really comprehend just how much until they finally arrive. The biggest thing I have found is I have far less spare time than I ever used to. I thought I didn’t have much free time before he was born but now it’s practically none. I don’t expect it will change anytime soon as I’m sure when he’s walking about we’ll need eyes in the back of our heads to keep tabs on him.

Being a farther so far has been quite a roller coaster and I’m sure the ride is far from over. In fact I suspect it will only end the day I die. I’ll always worry and stress about him being ok, eating and drinking enough, being warm enough and so on. I’m sure it will get easier as he grows up, at least I hope it does.

Enough about my trails and tribulations about father hood and on with the main body of my blog entry for today. Since I’ve last written anything here I find myself constantly trying to come up with new ideas for making money either via a website or otherwise. I keep trying to think of the next big thing like Facebook or Twitter and sometimes I think I have good ideas and then my down fall is the time required. I go round and round in circles thinking I should do this that and the other and basically I end up doing nothing which is definitely not going to make me a penny. Therefore I decided in the mean time to just write my blog. I was originally thinking about making this blog/website one purely about money, (hence the domain name but again I don’t have the time to research and build the site as I would like so I’m just turning it into a personal blog and will write about whatever I like. Maybe at some point I will think of a way to monetise my website but for the time being there will be no key theme to the site at all and the blog entries are going to just be my general musings updating whenever I feel like having a rant or have something to share.

So there you have it another year has come and gone and I’m still a million pounds shy of being a millionaire but hey you never know, in the words of Del Boy himself, “Rodney, This time next year we’ll be millionaires”. I guess we’ll wait and see on that one.

For the time being though I wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2014.

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