Jaguar X-Type Reg: GD04CRK Read this before buying this car

Hello you don’t know me but I need to give you a message before buying this Jaguar X-Type Registration number GD04CRK. Buyer beware, I have just returned from andrews garage in Coventry who are selling this car only to be told they do not want to sell it too me. I mentioned that I may want to drive the car to Spain and the director made a special point of informing me that because of that he did not want to sell me the car. I can only assume because he thought it would not make it there, but then I started to think, if he doesn’t think it’s capable of a 600mile or so journey then what is it capable of? He said he’s not happy for me to drive it that far with kids in etc presumably because he thinks it WILL BREAK DOWN and being in Spain is too far away from home. So is he saying that breaking down closer to home will be fine? I can only assume that there is some underlying issue with the car which is why he doesn’t want to sell it too me so I would suggest that you steer well clear of the car too.

I sincerely hope you find this post before buying the car. I’ve written this on 08-JAN-2016.


Jaguar X-Type Reg GD04CRK

Jaguar X-Type Reg GD04CRK

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