Less than 4 weeks until baby time

So we have less than 4 weeks to go until our baby is due to appear. In fact it will be 3 weeks this coming Tuesday. It’s a weird feeling with this being our first baby. When we first found out we were pregnant it was all excitement and the feeling of not being able to wait and 9 months is such a long time to wait that initial excitement turns into mixed feelings. Don’t get me wrong I still can’t wait to meet my little man but at the same time I’m more scared now than I was at the beginning. Mainly because I’m venturing into the unknown.

I want so badly to be the best father than I can be to my child but at the same time I have fears and self doubt in my own ability to provide everything that he needs. From speaking to others on the subject I think everyone goes through the same emotions. All I want is to raise my child to the best of my ability so he can one day provide for a family of his own. Hopefully I’ll do a good job but it still doesn’t stop me doubting myself every now and then.

I think the best thing I can do is just continue to work hard to provide what I can for him. I’m pretty lucky really as I get to work from home and therefore will have the opportunity to see him every day and hopefully be there to witness his first steps and first words. One thing that I do need to get sorted after he is born is a savings account for him. My goal is to put £50 a month into an account for him so the time he turns 18 he will have a nice little nest egg to help him out. I need to start looking now and find the best account on the market and see what benefits I can get for him so I’ll probably post another update with more information on what I find out about child savings accounts.

Anyway for the time being I’ll just keep plodding along with working and blogging when I get a chance. You never know your luck maybe at some point this blog might produce enough income to pump into a savings account for him. I guess we’ll find out as time goes on.

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