Mortgage Approved, House offer declined…

Mortgage approved House offer declinedSo I finally got a mortgage approved in principle with Natwest and found a house that ticked all the boxes for us so I decided today that I would put in an offer. Agreed the first offer was me being cheeky but hey if you don’t ask you don’t get. The agent came back to me with a no from the offer and I was expecting a counter offer or some kind of idea as to what figure they were expecting and all I got was that they were hoping for a little more than my offer. So I went back with another offer that met them in the middle of my original offer and their asking price, now I thought this was more than fair and was actually a really good offer.

The estate agent got back to me again with the same, they were hoping for more and did not offer another figure. I had a good chat with the estate agent then and he was surprised that they did not accept my second offer as it was a good offer and possibly slightly over the market value for the property. Even the estate agent thinks that they have it listed for too much. Anyway so I have the mortgage but the house I was looking to buy is a non-starter.

The agent told me that they have another property on the market not far from the first one and he thinks that they will be more open to offers than the first house. It’s listed for slightly more however it does need some work, but then again so did the first house. I’m quite happy to buy a house that needs work but it has to be for the right price and I just wonder if the second house will accept what I feel is the right price.

I’ll most likely be putting an offer in on Monday that is quite below the asking price and let them push me up, or you never know your luck maybe they will accept my offer. As always time will tell and I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

In other news my little boy has yet to put in an appearance. He’s due on the 13th so he question is will he be early or will he be late? The misses has always thought he will be early however his window of opportunity is getting smaller by the day but I guess he will turn up when he’s good and ready. The missed is a bit fed-up with it now and just wants it over and done with, it really is time to meet the little man. One thing to note if you’re female and thinking of having children don’t plan them so they are born during the summer, the heat is bad enough if you’re not pregnant let alone almost nine months.

Oh and today is my birthday, Happy Birthday me!

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