Move to Spain or wait? What should we do?

Moving houseIf you’ve read my previous post about and this is what I found out from there. I could move out to Spain and continue to work and be paid as if was still in the UK. So my company pays me and the tax and national insurance is deduced at source in the UK. I would then need to fill out  a tax return in Spain and because of the double taxation agreements between the UK and Spain I would only have to pay any additional tax due to different rates and personal allowances etc. The problem with doing it that way is it does not cover us on the state healthcare system in Spain. Therefore we would need to take out some form of medical insurance to cover us in Spain. I’ve had a quick look and we’re probably talking around 300 euros a month for full health and dental cover for the three of us. Apparently you can get a S1 form but this only lasts for a few years.

So the train of thought now is to stop in the UK for another few years and look to moving out to Spain a little later. I think it’s probably best as the little one will be a bit older too and it should be a bit easier moving when he’s a bit older. At the moment we live away from my family due to my fiancés job. Over the last five years we have moved three times because of her job. She works for Hilton hotels and basically to move up it means moving on as they rarely promote from within the same hotel. When we have the baby the plan is for her to be a full time mum and not return to work so from my point of view there’s little point staying where we are as we are only here for her work.

The plan now is to return to where my family live and look to buy a house there. If we can get the right house at the right price then we should be able to manage comfortably on my salary and she could continue to be a full time mum. Personally I think as the baby get’s a bit older I think she will want to get a job of some kind as she tends to get bored very easily. I think from a financial perspective owning another house will stand us in good stead for the future and it looks like there are some signs of life in the housing market so it could be quite a good time to buy. The only problem I might face is getting a mortgage as I am already a third owner of two other houses, one of which has an outstanding mortgage on it.

The biggest problem is deciding what to do for the best. I would still love to move out to Spain but the more I think about it staying in the UK for a little longer makes more sense than going in a few months. Decisions, decisions. Should we move to Spain or wait? Only time will tell what we actually end up doing. It’s certainly something I’ll be spending some time thinking about over the next few weeks. I’ll keep ya’ll posted with what ever we decide to do.

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