My boy finally arrived

Well my boy finally arrived on 25th August weighing in at 9lbs 8oz or 4.3kg and both mother and baby are doing fine. It’s been a tiring couple of weeks since he was born hence the fact that I have not posted any updates. Before he was born people tell you that your life will turn upside down and you never really think it will be that bad. Then the reality kicks in and I now realise what everyone was talking about. While it’s all worth it, it can be quite tiring and stressful at times. The biggest challenge has most certainly been the feeding. Not for me but for the misses. She is breast feeding and it is more tiring for her than me, obviously. There have been a few bumps in the road but she has stuck with it and is now much more confident.

I’m also back to work now so time is tighter than ever and we’ll see how that will affect my ability to update this blog. I think I’m just going to have to try and pinch a few minutes here and there to post updated otherwise it will just end up dying out before it’s really begun.

I would like to say hello to and old friend from my previous life as a spread betting blogger. Offthelip dropped me an e-mail a few weeks ago and it was a very welcome surprise. It has spurred me on a little in a time when I’ve needed it most so thanks to him for that.

The new house purchase is still progressing. My mortgage people seem to be dragging their feet a little. First we had to go into a branch and get them to verify our IDs. Now the have sent us a letter in the post that we need to sign and send back. The letter was apparently sent out last Thursday and we have still not received it. I only hope that this does not hold things up too much. Once we have the signed letter back to them they should instruct the valuer and the survey should be carried out and once all that is done we should hopefully exchange and complete. My goal is for around the start of October but we’ll wait and see.

I will be nice to get the move out of the way now and start to get settled with the little one. I have no idea how we would’ve managed to move to Spain with a young baby so I’m now happier than ever that we decided to postpone our move. I have the rubbish builder to thank really as if he’d got back to me with a quote in March as I expected I may have instructed him to start the work and then would not have had as much cash to buy a new place. Anyway everything happens for a reason and we will get out to Spain in a few years time. It will also be easier to move from a house that we own as there isn’t as much to do when leaving as there is with a rented house. All in all things are working out for the best all round.

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