Pursuit of an insurance claim

So here’s an update to my previous post about an say no to 0870. I searched on there and found an 0800 number that got me to the right place. Speaking to the claims department of Admiral the chap informed me that I can get an estimate for the cost of the repair and then we can present that to the third party and see what they say. If the still deny liability then I don’t have much choice but to get the damage repaired and then purse them further for the loss.

If I do have to get the damage repaired I can either pay my excess of £160 plus lose my no claims and pay increased premiums until they admit liability, if that ever happens. Or I can foot the cost of the repair myself and then pursue them via my legal cover on my policy which is probably what I will do. I suspect that the repairs will probably cost about £300ish and so the extra £140 I have to pay above my excess will probably work out cheaper in the long run. At least then if it never gets resolved I only pay £300 rather than £160 plus the massive increase in premiums for the next 5 years.

Anyway first things first I need to go and get my a quote for the cost of the repair and go from there. I only hope the cost is not too expensive. What a pain, if you ever hit another persons car by accident in a car park please do not just drive off. It only causes way more hassle for everyone than just holding your hands up and admitting it. I hope that the bloke that hit my car finally caves and admits liability and therefore loses his no claims etc and has massive premiums for the next 5 years. I know that makes me sound bad wanting that to happen but this all could’ve have so easily been avoided if he hadn’t drove off. I’ll keep you posted with future updates on this story.

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