Sitting in the Google sandbox

Google SandboxThe Google sandbox is basically a theoretical box that a website sits in until Google builds up enough trust to start listing it in there rankings. If you read around you will find that there are two factors that play a part in the Google sandbox effect, the age of the domain name (or rather the amount of time the domain has been listed with Google) and the competitiveness of the keywords in question. Now I fall foul of both of those things because I only registered the domain name last year and the keywords that I would like to target such as ‘Money Talk’, ‘Mortgages’ and so are highly competitive so I suspect I will be in the sandbox for a while longer yet.

It’s actually fine with me as I’m in no real rush to make this site work. I know it will take at least six months for me to start getting a few regular visitors and then hopefully things will build from there. I’m happy to keep plodding along and when people start to come along and read they might just keep coming back.

At the moment my traffic amounts to almost an average of zero hits per day, obviously I would like to change that and I could go trying to drive more traffic to my site but I’d rather let it happen more naturally. If I learnt anything from my previous blogging experience it was that I tried to do things to quickly by trying short cuts and in the long run it just ends up doing more damage than good. While it’s tempting to try these tactics again I know that it will not be worth it so I’m best to just have some patience and let it happen by itself.

I have to say it’s very tempting to go and try to get more vistors as it’s very unsatisfying to write a blog that no-one reads. It’s always nice to know that there is at least one person interested in what you have to say and hopefully that will happen. If there is anyone that reads this please do contact me either via my Email Money Talk

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