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Welcome one and welcome all to the brand new money making blog for 2012. If you currently work a full time job and are looking to “escape the rat race” or if you are just looking to earn some extra income then you have come to the right place. The money talk blog is dedicated to finding the best and easiest ways to make extra money.

So what qualifies me to author this blog. Well I have been on a quest for the last few years now trying to find extra ways to make money. I’m still as million pounds shy of being a millionaire but I plan to change this. I have decided that I want to quit my full time job in the next five to ten years an start to work for myself and this blog will document my progress so you can do the same. I do have a confession to make before I progress with this blog. I have started other websites to try an make money (more on that in the coming weeks) and I have already tried other techniques to make money, so some of my posts will be coming from a retrospective point of view.

I will also be looking for new ways to make money and I will be reporting my progress on them as and when the progress. So keep checking back for my latest updates for ways to make money.

I am also on the look out for new ways to make money so if you have any ways to make money you would like investigated then you can contact me.

So just sit back relax and enjoy the ride as I try and test ways to make money so you don’t have to.
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