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Well this website has been up and running for quite a while now and I’m sorry to say that I have essentially done nothing with it which is a shame as if I could put my plan into action I think it could be useful to a lot of people. So here goes. The first blog post about making money, my own experiences with trying to make money as well as some of my general musings. If you do read this then please do get in touch as it’s always nice to know if there is anyone out there that’s interested in what I might have to say.

So where to begin. Well I guess at the start is as good a place as any. My adventure in trying to make more money outside of my regular job started back in 2009. I had a bit of spare cash in the bank and wanted to try and grow it a little quicker than the measly percentage interest that it was making. In the past I have held stocks and shares and have always kept a bit of an eye on the markets and through that I would perhaps buy some shares to try and make a bit more cash.

I started to scour the internet for the best share dealing broker that I could find when I stumbled across a new product that I had never heard of before called ‘Financial spread betting’ or ‘Spread betting’ for short. I opened demo account with the now closed Paddy Power to see what was involved and was suitably impressed that I opened a live account funded with a whopping £50. Thinking I could turn that £50 into £500 and so on I started to place trades without knowing what on earth I was doing. Needless to say that I promptly lost the £50 and so added another £50.

I decided that losing money was no way to go on and started to research spread betting and trading in general more to see if there was a book or something that would help me to succeed. I found Malcolm Pryors ‘Financial Spread Betting Handbook’ and was fascinated. So I tried to put his techniques into practice. I tired to make a of it with very little success and then I found a blog by a chap called Tony Loton. He basically is a trader who turned £300 into £9000 via a spread betting account back in 2009. He’s published several books too about spread betting and trading in general. At the start of 2010 he started his blog which he called his trading trail. He basically put £1000 in a spread betting account and publically traded it and blogged about the whole process along the way. I followed him religiously at the start and he did make some money initially.

It was about February or March when I decided that I would do something similar to Tony and keep a public trading diary of my own trading activity. So in February 2010 the spread betting beginner blog was created. I blogged using Googles free blogger service for about 9 or 10 months and then I was approached by a spread betting firm to advertise on my blog. They we’re offering £100 for every client I could get signed up to their firm so I figured sure. £100 per customer seemed like money in the bank to me. I tried to add the advert to the free blogger site and I just couldn’t get it to work so I decided that I need to move to my own webhosting and a real domain name. So went live in October 2010. I actually had quite a few regular readers and it went well and I blogged and built the site up from scratch to what it is today. I haven’t blogged in there in a while mainly because Google hammered me in their penguin and pander updates last year and my traffic fell through the floor. I got disheartened by the hole experience and I just haven’t found the original passion that I had when I first started the site.

It has made money and that’s why I’m blogging about it here. Finding a niche and blogging can be a great way to make money online but if you’re going to do it make sure you blog about something you are passionate about. Otherwise you’ll end up like me and fizzle out.

So I’ve decided to focus my efforts on my money talk blog/website. The main reason I started spread betting beginner is because I am passionate about money and always have been. I have tried my hand at many different ways to make some extra cash and so I figured I may as well just blog about my money making experiences and who knows this blog could turn into the blog of a millionaire. (Keep dreaming Harry)

Oh my name is Harry by the way and I will be your money talk blogger. Here’s to the future and making more money for all of us.

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