The mortgage muppets strike again

Mortgage MuppetsSo after calling the building society on Monday with no news and then again yesterday with no news they finally go back to me today. They basically told me that I need to apply to come of the existing mortgage that I am on first before I can apply to get a new mortgage. That’s not what I was told last week and so I feel like I’ve wasted a week trying to get this sorted only to be no further along. I have to say my dealings with them have been very frustrating thus far and when I finally reveal the building society in question they will not be getting a very favourable review from me, notice I am already referring to them as the mortgage muppets.

So my journey to getting a new mortgage continues and will now cost me some money before I can get an answer as to whether or not I will actually be able to get a mortgage. There is no reason that I shouldn’t as my credit history should be pretty clear as I have no outstanding debt other than my student loan so I don’t see why I should not be accepted.

The problem is what I think and what the building society think seems to differ from time to time. In my view it makes no odds me being on the other mortgage or not but to them it certainly makes a difference. Anyway as with everything in life time will tell as to the outcome of the whole scenario.

In other news our baby boy is due in just under two weeks. I don’t know if the closer it gets the scarier it gets or what. All I know is I’m excited to meet him and I think the rest I will just pick up as I go along. The main thing is that he turns up and is a happy healthy baby. I’m sure when he comes along everything else will seem pretty insignificant for a while, however I really need to get this whole mortgage thing moving so I can buy a new house for us to live in. If only the mortgage muppets would pull their finger out and realise how simple the whole thing should be.

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