Writing a blog that no one reads

no friendsSince I’ve not long started writing this blog it’s hardly surprising that no one reads it. If I stop an think about it though it can actually get quite depressing to think that I’m writing a blog that no one reads. Then again I think back to when I first started my spread betting website and I’m pretty sure that was slow progress for the first six months or so. I think the biggest problem is coming from a mildly successful spread betting blog that has attracted at least 30 readers or so everyday for the past two years, to having no readers at all. Still stick with it Harry it will be worth it in the end, He says with fingers crossed.

So the moral of todays post is for all you new bloggers out there don’t get to disheartened if you don’t get masses of traffic overnight. It takes time to build up readers who will take an interest in what you have to say and actively participate in the interesting blog posts that you write. All the biggest blogs on the web had to start somewhere and I know what you’re thinking, “How can I compete with an already established blog that has masses and masses of content?” Well if you have the time and dedication then you can and there’s no reason that you shouldn’t. Google can be you’re best friend or your worst enemy and it doesn’t matter who you are. If you do things wrong then you’ll get black listed like the rest of them irrespective of how big or small your website is. So if you’re thinking of starting a blog and think I just can’t compete, think again. Look at me, this is probably my 10th post or so and I don’t have any readers yet but I’m not giving up. I just need to keep on plugging away and at some point the readers will start to come and read what I have to say.

The key is to keep updating with new original and fresh content. Don’t think you can just write a few pages of a website and then expect the millions to come flooding in. If you’re looking to be a blogger then content is king and always will be despite what anyone says. Without content you have no blog. If your stuck for ideas for things to write about then go out side and take a look around. Human nature is fascinating and there are so many different things to write about I’m surprised that anyone struggles to find new topics.

Personally I love money, especially making money. That’s why I started money talk in the first place. Whether you have a lot or none at all money is key to every walk of life and the more you have the easier some things can become. Now money is not the be all and end all of life, far from it. It’s true money cannot buy you love, it cannot buy you good friends or family but it does make life a little easier if you have some money to fall back on when times get tough. Me personally I love money and that’s why I thought I could always find something to write about that is based around money.

Hopefully over the next few months I’ll start to get some traffic to my site from Google searches etc and then when I start to build readers and make some money I should be able to dedicate a little more time into making the site look a little more appealing because at the minute I think it’s fair to say that the whole site lay out is pretty poor, but it will change I promise so do bear with me on that front.

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