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Trading OnlineA great way to make money online, (and lose it too) is by trading the worlds financial markets. It’s something that I know a little bit about as I used to run a very popular trading blog where I detailed my own trading experiences as I tried to make my fortune by trading online.

There are several ways to trade online, you can buy stock and shares, trade contacts for difference(CFDs), trade spread bets, trade foreign currency exchange markets commonly know as FOREX trading, buy and sell gold plus a whole host of other online trading methods that can make you a lot of money very quickly but they can also lose you it too, so you do need to be careful and make sure you know what you are doing before you take the plunge.

My preferred method of trading was via a spread betting account. Primarily because it was so easy to setup and account and there are no taxes to pay on any profits because they are covered by UK gambling laws. It also means that any losses you make cannot be offset against any profits for tax purposes.

Just because I prefer spread betting doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best option for you, only you can decide on which method of trading is best for you. It may well be the case that you are better off leaving the whole thing alone because trust me there are people out there that certainly should not be trading but most of the online trading firms just want your money so they will do what they can to encourage you to trade. Obviously they will stick within the law as to what they say to you but don’t be surprised if they bombard you with a wealth of education and information to try and get you to trade more because the bottom line is the more you trade the more money they will make from you. It makes no odds to them if you win or lose, they will still make their money so be careful when you venture into trading online.

So what am I aiming to achieve by having a trading section on my website? Well, I hoping to pass onto you some information from my own experiences. Now before I go on, this is not advice of any sort. I am not qualified to give you advice and any information you read on my website should not be construed to be advice. It’s merely me sharing some things that I have learned that might help you to make a decision for yourself.

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